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With each and every project (drawing, painting, design, clay sculpting,  dioramas) students are free to develop their artistic gifts to the highest standard, supplemented by authentic, real-life field trips and guest speakers makes art class a ‘must have’ course for every student.

Computer Science

Students will use and learn all of the tools that will give them an introductory understanding of computer     sciences, presentation tools, and editing software.


Students will learn how to use hand and power tools to make a variety of small projects correctly while working safely in a shop environment.

Digital Design and Photography

Students learn the fundamentals of digital image creation.  Modern photography concepts, cutting edge editing software and a newly updated computer lab all lead to student creativity!


Westlawn’s drama program offers the opportunity for students to be creative and expressive in an array of performance based settings.


Explore the science of health in this active and participatory approach to being fit.  Students will learn about the nature of physical movement and how to live healthy active lifestyles.

Food Studies

Students learn how to interpret a recipe, measure ingredients and cook tasty and healthy products such as tacos, omelets, calzones, special event dinners and desserts.

Leadership (grade 8/9)

Leadership focuses on topics such as; qualities and roles of leaders, communication skills, conflict resolution, team dynamics, team building and stress management.

Outdoor Education (grade 8/9)

Students will have an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the role that outdoor activities have in the achievement and maintenance of personal fitness by participation in a variety of activities including archery, orienteering, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, outdoor cooking, etc.

Video Creation and News Team

Creativity and communication is key in this class focused on creating videos.  In partnership with SHAW T.V. students will create original news broadcasts and other video projects.