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Option Courses

All students are in cross-graded option classes for their last class on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They can chose from a wide variety of options and experience two options each trimester that run from September - November, December to March and April to June. Students chose from the following choices:




Creative expression is valued at Westlawn School. Projects may include drawing, painting, sculpting, or dioramas. Students will develop their artistic gifts and explore new techniques. Career Pathways: graphic design, freelance and contract work, entrepreneurship, advertising, teaching.



Students will work together to develop a company. Companies identify and create a product-based business using market research, develop and submit a business plan containing proposed financial statements and marketing strategies; fabricate and sell their product; and close their business over the span of the class. This class allows students to take ownership of their success by giving them the resources necessary to run their business. Career Pathways: business, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, leadership.



Students will use a variety of software to acquire an introductory level of understanding in the field of computer sciences. Students may use various coding languages, presentation tools, or robotics. Career Pathways: IT support & networking, computer programming, business, computer engineering, teaching.



Students will learn how to work safely in a shop/trades environment. Students will use hand and power tools to be creative and make a variety of projects. Career Pathways: carpentry, construction, general knowledge for a career in the “trades” (electrician, mechanic, welder, refrigeration & cooling, general labourer), customer service at building suppliers, teaching.


Students will learn the fundamentals of hair, nails, and make-up. Using flat irons and nail polish they will explore a vibrant industry while being encouraged to develop a highly valued craft. Discussions of beauty and culture make this a wonderful hands-on learning experience for all students to consider exploring. Career Pathways: hairstylist, esthetics, nail technician



Students will be creative in designing and making various projects. It may including knitting, stitching, or paper projects. Career Pathways: entrepreneurship, graphic design, business, recreational therapy, daycare/child care.



Students will use creativity and expressive in an array of performance based settings. Activities will include improve performances, acting games, prop and set design, plus practice performing in front of small audiences. Career Pathways: business, sales, leadership positions, teaching, performing arts.



By being creative, students learn the fundamentals of image composition, digital image creation using software. creativity! Students will work with school and student owned cameras to collect images, so bring your smartphone or tablet. Then students will learn how to use adobe’s powerful photoshop software to create stunning professional quality photographs. Career Pathways: advertising, marketing, freelance and contract work, journalism, graphic design.



Students love the opportunity to get active! Learn how to set personal health and fitness goals and work to achieve them. Students will learn about the nature of physical movement and how to live healthy active lifestyles. Career Pathways: personal fitness trainer, teacher, physical therapist, kinesthesiologist, security, police/RCMP.



Creativity and communication are key in this class focused on creating videos. Students in this option may become the Westlawn Network News Group with the responsibility of delivering school news to the community.  Students will work with modern audio/video equipment and adobe premiere pro to create original film. Career Pathways: digital media, radio/tv, youtuber, entrepreneur, advertising.



Learn how to survive and thrive in the kitchen. Students work in teams to learn the basics of cooking and baking by experimenting with new recipes and techniques. Students learn how to interpret a recipe, measure ingredients and cook tasty and healthy products such as tacos, omelets, calzones, BBQ, special event dinners and desserts. Career Pathways: culinary arts, baking, meat cutting, catering, restaurant employment, teaching.



This course is for students who want to play an active role in student activities or to provide input into school decisions. There are several big events that just won’t happen without the hard work of the leadership class. Students will also learn communication skills, conflict resolution, team dynamics, team building and stress management. Career Pathways: business, event planning, human resources, teaching, management.



This option provides time for extra help and practice to improve a student’s reading level. If you are reading below grade level, this option will prepare you for more success in all your classes and prepare you for high school.



This option provides time for extra help and practice to improve a student’s basic math skills. If you need support in Math and want to be prepared for math in high school, this option will assist you.


Students in music will be learning how to read music and play the guitar! This Fine Art fundamental will be taught by our most musically talented teacher(s). Students will enjoy learning the guitar as a group. Career Pathways: Music teacher, musician, composer



Students develop an appreciation of outdoor activities including archery, orienteering, knot tying etc. Students will also learn how to become stewards of the environment while discovering how to lessen their own ecological footprint. Career Pathways: camp counsellor, parks and recreation planner/officer, forestry, wildlife/gaming officer, teacher.



This option will give students extra gym time to learn new games and get more active.  Traditional sports like basketball, volleyball or dodgeball and newer team games like ultimate Frisbee will all be experienced. Career Pathways: recreational program director, camp/youth counsellor, teacher.



This option will allow students to improve soccer techniques and game play while improving their fitness. Students who want to play on the school soccer team would benefit by taking this option. Career Pathways: recreational program director, camp/youth counsellor, teacher, coach.