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English Language Arts: Developing Your Voice

Language arts emphasize the lifelong application of reading, writing, listening, speaking, representing, and viewing. The six language arts strands; reading, writing, listening and speaking, viewing and representing are integrated in a variety of themes and units. Students learn to communicate ideas and feelings, develop critical thinking skills, and contribute to their social and personal growth. Opportunities are provided for students to practice those skills in new contexts, and to use more increasingly challenging learning material.

Math: Formula for Success

In mathematics you will have the opportunity to learn and practice new concepts and blend previous concepts to make mathematical sense of the world around you. Feel free to explore mathematically and try out those methods that work best for you and become the mathematician you were meant to be.

Science: A Hands On Approach

Science at Westlawn is more than theories and formulas. Through a variety of hands on activities, labs and projects students build connections with technology, society and the environment.

Following the scientific method, students explore the world around them, creating a sense of wonder and a desire to be a lifelong learner. The grade seven topics covered are: Interactions and Ecosystems, Plants for Food and Fiber, Heat and Temperature, Structures and Forces, and Planet Earth.

Social Studies: Global Thinking

Social Studies develops the key values and attitudes, knowledge and understanding, and skills and processes necessary for students to become active and responsible citizens, engaged in the democratic process and aware of their capacity to effect change in their communities, society and world.


French as a Second Language is the natural continuation of the elementary FSL program. Students will work to develop communicative competency in French through an exploration of a variety of interesting themes. Grammatical concepts are embedded within themes and are practiced through project work. Students must be prepared to practice their French by listening and participating actively in class discussions and presentations. Our program provides students many opportunities to hear and see French in action and to participate in exciting cultural opportunities throughout the year.


Learning Spanish allows students to communicate with approximately 350 million people around the world. Students in beginner Spanish learn a variety of vocabulary, basic sentence formation, greetings and salutations, and an appreciation for a number of cultures where Spanish is spoken. At the conclusion of year 1, students will have basic conversational skills.

English as a Second Language

Westlawn is proud to offer English Language instruction for all students that require this extra support. Students in ELL will be assessed for current language ability and then receive individual support for their English language needs. Students will receive this support without having to sacrifice any of their core courses or complementary courses.